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Army @ Love

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Rick Veitch

Graphic Novels, Mature, Millitary, Vertigo


Comics iconoclast Rick Veitch (SWAMP THING, CAN'T GET NO) writes and pencils a subversive new ongoing series, joined by inker Gary Erskine (THE FILTH). Comedy collides head on with tragedy when a New Jersey National Guard unit is deployed indefinitely to a never-ending series of wars in the Middle East. These are citizen soldiers โ€” kids fresh out of high school shoulder-to-shoulder with middle-aged corporate manager. To motivate them, a modernized military has gone into full, take-no-prisoners marketing mode. Equal parts blistering battle action, sensuous soap opera and pitch-black satire in the vein of PREACHER and TRANSMETROPOLITAN, [email protected] is unlike anything Veitch โ€” or any other comics creator โ€” has ever attempted. And you won't believe your eyes when you see w

Chapter (Issue) List

Army @ Love #12 04/01/08
Army @ Love #11 03/01/08
Army @ Love #10 02/01/08
Army @ Love #9 01/01/08
Army @ Love #8 12/01/07
Army @ Love #7 11/01/07
Army @ Love #6 10/01/07
Army @ Love #5 09/01/07
Army @ Love #4 08/01/07
Army @ Love #3 07/01/07
Army @ Love #2 06/01/07
Army @ Love #1 05/01/07