Night of the Fire-Beast (2016)

Night of the Fire-Beast (2016)

Night of the Fire-Beast (2016)



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Christopher Martinez, James Biggie, Jonathan Clode

Action, Adventure


NIGHT OF THE FIRE-BEAST is a meta fictional comic book based upon a lost 1958 B movie. It is the first of a series of books based around the titular character - Fire-Beast Dorugan. Rather than consider it a comic book adaptation, the book acts as the actual movie, using exposed wires, stock footage and flimsy sets within the artwork. 1948, a cargo ship sails the Atlantic ocean. Among the crew is Mack, a world weary veteran of the Great War, and Hudson, a young would be adventurer who feels cheated that he was too young to fight in WWII. The ship encounters an unnatural storm and is lost upon a strange island where ancient beasts are unleashed, ready to battle for dominance in a land that shouldn't exist!

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