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Phantom Lady is a super-hero who is usually a member of the Freedom Fighters. She fights crime using martial arts and a variety of high-tech gadgets that give her control over the light spectrum. Originally she was Sandra Knight, a Golden Age hero who fought the Nazi army alongside the All-Star Squadron. Her student and successor was Dee Tyler, who carried on her legacy until she died during the Infinite Crisis. She was succeeded by Stormy Knight, a brilliant scientist and celebrity actress, formerly an agent of S.H.A.D.E.. Phantom Lady is well-known as being one of the earliest female super-heroes. Sandra Knight was created by Will Eisner and Arthur Peddy, first appearing in Police Comics #1. (1941) She was originally owned by Quality Comics until they were bought out by DC. Dee Tyler was created by Len Strazewski and Chuck Austen, first appearing in Action Comics Weekly #636. (1989) Stormy Knight was created by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, first appearing in Battle for Blüdhaven #2. (2006)

Chapter (Issue) List

Phantom Lady #4 01/01/13
Phantom Lady #3 12/01/12
Phantom Lady #2 11/01/12
Phantom Lady #1 10/01/12