Swamp Thing: Futures End

Swamp Thing: Futures End

Swamp Thing: Futures End



Alternate name:
Swamp Thing: Futures End (2014)


Charles Soule

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Mature, Movie Cinematic Link, Superhero


The Avatars of the Green, Red and Gray go to war with the avatars of Bacteria and Metal! It’s five years later, and Alec Holland is trying to mediate a ceasefire that could also be his last stab at reconnecting with humanity! Opening this issue is Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing, leaving the Green for some unknown purpose. He looks different in this future; he is larger, bulkier, and his left arm is seemingly rotted and dead. The narrator explains that he is a green knight, the ruler of one of the six kingdoms of the world. Alec is discussing his plans with an unseen voice. The narrator explains that Alec will visit every kingdom in turn, the first being fungi of the Grey. When Alec approaches the domain of the Grey, he is greeted by an army of clone woman who he slices down with his sword. The women dissolve into fungus and the avatar of the Grey appears. They both know that they are essentially invincible and it would be pointless to fight so instead Alec makes out a deal. He pulls out a picture of the woman whom the clones were modeled after. The avatar angrily demand the photograph, but Alec only gives it to him after he has agreed to his conditions then moves on to the next kingdom, the Red. Here in the Red he approaches only its gates and is received with an attack by a three-headed bear. Alec knocks the bear out and leaves thanking the Red kingdom. His next stop brings him to Bacteria and the Divided. He presents this kingdom with the bear, a gift, to get her attention and persuade her help. She corrupts and takes the body over, she starts by blaming him for the separation of all the avatars and kingdoms from the Earth; at present they can only monitor their activity but they cannot intervene physically. He reminds her of a promise he had made and wants to know if he can count on her involvement. She agrees and Alec moves on the Machine Kingdom. Here he meets with the Processor who immediately agrees with Alec, even without explanation. Now Alec heads to his final confrontation. Upon arriving at the gates he is ambushed by Un-Men, minions of the Rot. After easily going through them he approaches the king and queen of the Rot, Anton and Abigail Arcane. Alec asks for Arcane to let Abby go to which he quickly replies "NO!". Abby's mouth has been sown shut and her arm has been fused with that of Arcane so that she cannot run from him. Arcane shouts that this was the price of the deal that was struck with the Spectre, they are able to govern their kingdoms but never touch them. Alec reaches into his satchel and pulls out his last hope. From the bag Alec pulls the White Lantern ring of life. Arcane laughs at his naivety since only someone who has worn the ring before can use its powers. That is when Alec pulls out his second surprise. Straight from his own body emerges the head of the former Avatar of the Green, the original Swamp Thing. He takes the ring into his mouth and uses its power to tear down everything in the kingdom. Before the destruction, Abby forms a sword from her hand and she cuts off her own arm before slicing of the sutures on her mouth. Then she pierces Arcane right through the stomach. Alec throws the head of the Swamp Thing into the air and in an attempt to stop it Arcane lunges at the head but it turns to a point of light and disintegrates everything…

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