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Ravager is a legacy name of super-villains and anti-heroes, usually associated with Slade Wilson alias Deathstroke the Terminator. It was originally the alter-ego of his son Grant Wilson while working as a mercenary for H.I.V.E. assigned to kill the Teen Titans until his death. Bill Walsh, a terrorist responsible for slitting Jericho's throat as a child, later used the identity to attack Deathstroke by taking advantage of his vulnerability. Slade's half-brother Wade LaFarge also used the identity to target him, although he was later killed for this. Rose Wilson, anti-hero and daughter of Slade, later begins using the name as a member of the Teen Titans. Ravager was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, first appearing in New Teen Titans #1. (1980)

Chapter (Issue) List

The Ravager #12 07/02/13
The Ravager #11 06/02/13
The Ravager #10 05/02/13
The Ravager #9 04/02/13
The Ravager #8 03/02/13
The Ravager #7 02/02/13
The Ravager #6 01/02/13
The Ravager #5 12/02/12
The Ravager #4 10/02/12
The Ravager #3 09/02/12
The Ravager #2 09/02/12
The Ravager #1 07/02/12
The Ravager #00 11/02/12