Vertigo Verite - The System

Vertigo Verite - The System

Vertigo Verite - The System



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Peter Kuper

Fantasy, Mythology, Graphic Novels, Vertigo


The second Vertigo Vérité title was a three-issue miniseries by Peter Kuper called The System. Fully painted, it is commonly described as “wordless,” because it contains no dialog. But it’s not really wordless, because Kuper cheats quite a bit via newspaper headlines, television banners, ATM screen messages, and the like. It’s an urban tale inspired by a NYC subway ride and newspaper stories about a missing woman, police corruption, the World Trade Center bombing, and insider trading. Kuper’s story includes a sleazy stockbroker, a corrupt cop, a bomber, a serial killer stalking strippers, a tagger, and a political scandal. The subway acts as a connecting device, a junction point for all these disparate players. The story manages to hang together without dialog, although it’s a bit more episodic than normal. And all of the story lines are resolved in the end, with one left as a cliffhanger.