1602 Witch Hunter Angela

1602 Witch Hunter Angela

1602 Witch Hunter Angela


Alternate name:
1602 Witch Hunter Angela 2015


Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


In one of the most magical realms on Battleworld, Angela and Sera are Witch Hunters — the scourges of King James England, just as it stood in 1602. But their target now is a new breed of evil: the power-bargaining Faustians! The Faustians have made their deal not with the Devil, but with the ever-seductive Enchantress — and that may be just as deadly. Have your psychic ribbons and lethal weapons at the ready, for the hunt is on! But beware a land where the dead walk, the faerie folk flutter and a ragtag band of neer-do-wells perform for your entertainment — thats right, its the Guardians of the Galaxy, 17th-century style! Plus: Revisit the early dawn of the Marvel Universe in the first issue of Neil Gaimans original classic 1602!<br>