A Nightmare on Elm Street Special

A Nightmare on Elm Street Special

A Nightmare on Elm Street Special


Alternate name:
A Nightmare on Elm Street Special 2005


Brian Pulido



After the events of Freddy vs. Jason, the adults of Springwood have turned the town into a police state, out to suppress any knowledge of Freddy so their kids dont keep dying. If teens are afraid of Freddy he can invade their dreams and murder them, but as a lost secret, he is powerless.<br />Emily, a rebellious teen and aspiring journalist wants to blow the lid off Springwoods secret and tell it to the world. When her best friend Lindsay is abducted by police, Emily enlists aid from Alex and Sandy that leads them to Westin Hills Psychiatric Center. As Freddy hunts them one by one, Emily comes closer to the truth. Will she survive to tell it?<br />This is bleeding-edge horror as only Lady Death creator Brian Pulido can deliver it with art by detail master, super-star Juan Jose Ryp and color by Greg Waller! As well as the regular cover, its also available with Wraparound, Terror Edition, messy Gore, and Glow-in-the-dark covers by Juan Jose Ryp.

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