Adrenalynn: Weapon of War

Adrenalynn: Weapon of War

Adrenalynn: Weapon of War


Alternate name:
Adrenalynn: Weapon of War 2000


Tony Daniel

Action, Adventure, Superhero


During the Cold War, the Russians were experimenting with creating the perfect covert weapon... a blend of strength, speed, killing power, stealth, and the human body. Project Adrenalynn was born. After sending many of these prototypes to the US for terrorist plots, they were ordered to shut themselves down and await retrieval. However, due to their extended inactivity, they began to mutate into half-monster, half-machine and are on the rampage! Sabina Nikoli (an unassuming teenage girl), is a better developed version of the project sent out on a search and destroy mission. The only problem is that when the jobs done, the Russian organization that created her wants her dead as well! Featured in the pages of The Tenth, Adrenalynn is a Russian-built war machine, designed for speed and destruction. She jumps into her own series with a bang and is sure to leave fans wanting more!!! From F5 Entertainment and Image Comics.