Adventure Time: The Flip Side

Adventure Time: The Flip Side

Adventure Time: The Flip Side


Alternate name:
Adventure Time: The Flip Side 2014


Colleen Coover, Paul Tobin

Action, Adventure


Finn is sick and Dr. Musclebump discovers that Finn is quest deficit and decides he needs to go on a quest immediately. Finn, Jake and BMOproceed to help a giant tie his shoe, get a centaur cupcake out of a tree and help some Pancake Princesses take a nap. Still craving excitement, the three go wait in line at the Questing Board to receive quests, but by the time they get to the front all the good quests have been taken. However, Finn notices a request on the back of the board saying that Painting Princess needs to be rescued from the Monkey Wizard. As they prepare for the quest, Princess Bubblegum comes by the Tree Fort to ask if they took the request from the back of the board. Fearful that shell stop them from completing the quest they say no and she leaves frustrated.