Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron


Alternate name:
Age of Ultron 2013


Brian Michael Bendis

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


Ultron has taken over the world, and left it in ruin, and in an apocalyptic state. Hawkeye is heading to a hideout that belongs to Hammerhead and Owl, and advises a girl to run away whilst heading there, killing many guards in the process. Hawkeye walks in on a couple of goons mistreating a woman, and tells them to leave her, eventually killing them. Its not long before Hammerhead and Owl realise they have an intruder, and when they guess its an Avenger plan to sell him to the big guy (Ultron). Whilst going through more of their goons Hawkeye finally finds who hes looking for, Spider-Man. Spider-Man has been tortured and cant thank Hawkeye enough but Hammerhead and Owl blast in...

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