Agents of Law

Agents of Law

Agents of Law


Alternate name:
Agents of Law 1995


Keith Giffen, Lovern Kindzierski

Action, Adventure, Superhero


Golden City: a modern-day utopia, once the envy of the world. It was the place where crime rarely existed, where harmony prevailed, where everyone wanted to live.<br />But then things went sour: Titan, one of the citys protectors, went rogue. Grace, mayor and founding mother of Golden City, disappeared. People began to lose faith, to lose hope. Golden City needed a new leader, one who could help this once-great utopia rise again from its pit of uncertainty.<br />Enter the mysterious man known as Law. Law enters Golden City and seems to have all the answers to the citys woes, but demands absolute authority if hes to set things right. Is he a modern-day messiah who will restore Golden City to greatness, or is he a charismatic killer who craves despotic domination? But dont ask the members of super-team Catalyst that question: they cant seem to agree about Law.

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