Ancient Joe

Ancient Joe

Ancient Joe



Alternate name:
Ancient Joe 2001


Scott Morse

Adventure, Fantasy


From the abysmal depths of both time and the ocean arises Ancient Joe. Is he a myth? A crazy man? An eternal warrior? Chances are hes all three, but there are a few things we know for sure: hes an impeccable barroom brawler, having bested Ernest Hemingway and many more on various rum-soaked floors; hes a ceaseless lover, following his departed wife into the pits of hell to retrieve her soul; and hes a friend to the local Cubans, who cant tell if hes a god or a man, but dont seem to mind either way. Creator C. Scott Morse (Soulwind, Volcanic Revolver) wraps charm and courage around this Popeye-bodied, tribal-masked, timeless character, and lets the stories roll out like a Havana breeze. Ancient Joe first appeared, to much acclaim, in last years Dark Horse Maverick anthology, and this new series leaves no doubt as to Morses ability to transform words and drawings into classic illustrated tales. Features hand-painted covers and lotsa spice o life.

Chapter (Issue) List

Ancient Joe #1 11/26/18
Ancient Joe #3 11/06/18
Ancient Joe #2 11/06/18