Ape Nation

Ape Nation

Ape Nation


Alternate name:
Ape Nation 1991


Charles Marshall



What I liked about Alien Nation is the interaction between the two diverse characters, which is probably what everybody else likes about it, says writer Charles Marshall. What this mini-series will try to do is pick up some of that same appeal, except that instead of being a human, the other character will be an ape. These two characters will develop a buddy relationship, much like Alien Nation. Theyll be faced with stopping an army of humans, gorillas and Newcomers, all of whom are being led by General Ollo.<br />The way I look at it is that youve got this slave race. There are no resources being harvested on the planet of the apes and theres nothing for these slaves to do, so I figured that it would be a logical off-shoot that they would be used for an army, the only job open. So, theyre a part of this vast army thats wiping out everything on a direct path to Ape City. Many of the characters from Planet of the Apes will be popping up, mostly in small roles. They know that this army is coming and theyre trying to do something about it, but they dont have the ape power to stop them. Basically, though, its the story of two characters. The apes name is Heston, and its pretty obvious where that came from, and the alien is named Caan, which I thought was a nice tribute to James Caan from the original movie. Im trying to pick up the buddy quality that appealed to me about Alien Nation and work that in, too...

Chapter (Issue) List

Ape Nation #4 11/06/18
Ape Nation #3 11/06/18
Ape Nation #2 11/06/18
Ape Nation #1 11/06/18