Apocalypse Nerd

Apocalypse Nerd

Apocalypse Nerd



Alternate name:
Apocalypse Nerd 2007


Peter Bagge

Comedy, Sci-Fi


Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where all the creature comforts that youve spent an entire lifetime taking for granted were suddenly gone for good. How do you see yourself reacting to such a situation? Would you suck it up and be stoically content? Or would you spend most of the time cursing your fate? We all like to picture ourselves as the former, though the latter is probably a more accurate portrayal - and thats exactly what our hero is like in Peter Bagges new miniseries. MARVEL as our protagonist, an asthma ridden, myopic former middle manager for a software company, has his limited survival skills continually put to the test, only to continually come up short! THRILL as his dumb childhood friend Jeff Beasley bullies him around, as he abuses his new found status as the undisputed alpha-male of the two! CRINGE as whats left of human civilization continually deteriorates around them, and they along with it! Each issue will also feature a back up story detailing poignant yet humorous anecdotes about Americas Founding Fathers. Finally, George Washington and his gang will be starring in comics of their own!

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