Army of Darkness (2006)

Army of Darkness (2006)

Army of Darkness (2006)


Alternate name:
Army of Darkness (2006) 2007


James Kuhoric

Action, Adventure, Horror, Movies & TV, Zombies


Someone did a really bad job at chronicling this series so here it goes.<br />The first 4 issues of the ongoing Army of Darkness vol.1 are named Army of Darkness vs Re-Animator #4, after issue 5, it becomes Army of Darkness.<br />This first volume lasts until issue 13, after which Ashs crossover with the Marvel Zombies begins.<br />After the crossover, Ash gets an own new series, Army of Darkness vol.2 (although the index on this page says Army of Darkness: from the Ashes/The Long Road Home).<br />Volume 2 is the longest running series.<br />It starts with a new issue 1 and lasts until issue 27. However, on this page, someone started putting the Army of Darkness volume 2 comics on this page from issue 14 and on.<br />So what you see on this page are Army of Darkness Vol.1 issue 5-13 and Army of Darkness Vol. 2 issue 14-27.