Army of Darkness (2012)

Army of Darkness (2012)

Army of Darkness (2012)


Alternate name:
Army of Darkness (2012) 2013


Elliott R. Serrano

Action, Adventure, Horror, Movies & TV


Ancient Egypt, one hot summer day and a pack of slaves appears coming from the desert. They are bound in chains and all appear normal, except one, which appears to be from our age. Her name is Ash and she used to be a normal everyday girl until she and her boyfriend happened to witness a meteor shower. Upon finding a meteor, her boyfriend was transformed into a heinous zombie but interestingly she became possessed by the forces of good that showed her a terrible vision. Mankind was going to be destroyed by a mysterious race, that would eventually transform all living things into the army of darkness. That same force donned her with the gift of an arm that though appears to be cut off the wrist can transform itself into any weapon imaginable with the code phrase of klaatu barata nikto...

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