Athena Inc. The Beginning

Athena Inc. The Beginning

Athena Inc. The Beginning


Alternate name:
Athena Inc. The Beginning 2001


Brian Haberlin

Action, Adventure, Leading Ladies


THE SAGA BEGINS. A certain black ops agency has come up with the perfect operative. She cant be caught. And even if she is there is no way to link her to any action because she doesnt even know shes an agent. Heck, she doesnt even look like their agent. How do they do it? Through the magic of genetics, of course. Our agent has a genetic trigger in her head and once that is thrown she changes into a completely different woman, different hair color, fingerprints, shoe size, mind - you name it. She was hailed as a success -that was until...well, that would be telling wouldnt it? From RUSS MANNING AWARD WINNING ARTIST Jay (Aria) Anacleto and writer Brian (Area 52, Aria, Witchblade) Haberlin comes the next level in action and suspense. Be there from the beginning!

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