Avengers Forever

Avengers Forever

Avengers Forever


Alternate name:
Avengers Forever 2000


Kurt Busiek

Marvel, Superhero


An army in which each brigade mimics a particular Avenger massacres a 1/3 of the Alpha Centauri population after a mysterious force causes all of their brain functions to cease. Jonz Rickard is revealed to be responsible. And gives a speech about how 12 Alpha-Centaurians tried to rebel against his Terran Empire. These events are shown to upset the Time Keepers and they say that Steps must be taken...<br />The Scene changed to the Blue Area of the Moon where the Avengers are delivering a critically injured Rick Jones to a special lab for medical treatment. He appears to be dying of an infection caused by his former powers that were granted to him by the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree. The Avengers then meet with the Supreme Intelligence, who is a prisoner, to see if it has any insight on Ricks conditions. The Supreme Intelligence agrees to help and the Avengers leave. Shortly thereafter a man in a robe enters the Supreme Intellegences cell and reveals that he and the Supreme Intellegence have been manipulating the Avengers and Rick to further some unknown plot.