Bad Planet: Apocrypha

Bad Planet: Apocrypha

Bad Planet: Apocrypha


Alternate name:
Bad Planet: Apocrypha 2012


Bruce Jones, Thomas Jane

Mature, Sci-Fi


Volume II continues its numbering from the first volume, Bad Planet.<br />At long last - The continuation of the hit series, Bad Planet! Join Thomas Jane and new co-writer, the legendary Bruce Jones (Twisted Tales, Creepy, Eerie), as things ramp up for the next six chapters of this epic Sci-Fi adventure! CHAPTER 7: Washington DC is a wasteland, a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Rape gangs and cannibals run the streets. The military is in shambles, chaos rules the day, and if that werent bad enough, Earth is on the brink of invasion from the mind-leeching control of Alien Quadrapoids! Things are BAD for our heroes, and its about to get a whole lot worse. 22 pages of Sci-Fi Terror, illustrated by Gregory Staples! Cover by James Daly &amp; Tim Bradstreet!

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