Barbarella (2015)

Barbarella (2015)

Barbarella (2015)


Alternate name:
Barbarella Deluxe Edition


Jean-Claude Forest, Kelly Sue DeConnick

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi


Jean-Claude Forests timeless Erotic Sci-Fi series recounting the spatial adventures of the beautiful titular character is now available in a brand new English-language adaptation.PUBLICATION IN 1 VOLUME - COMPLETED WORKIn Book 1 (first collected in 1964), Barbarellas spaceship breaks down, she finds herself trapped on the planet Lythion. There, she has a series of adventurous, and bawdy, encounters with a variety of strange beings, from robots to angels. In Book 2, Wrath of the Minute-Eater (first published in 1974), Barbarellas traveling Circus Delirium enters another dimension, led by the mysterious and alluring aquaman, Narval, whose machinations catapult Barbarella & Co. into a complex battle for the planet Spectra.Featuring a brand new, contemporary English-language adaptation by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Marvels Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble, Dark Horses Ghost, Images Pretty Deadly).

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