Batgirl/Robin: Year One

Batgirl/Robin: Year One

Batgirl/Robin: Year One


Alternate name:
Batgirl/Robin: Year One 2013


Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


For the first time in one trade paperback, its the year one tales of both Robin and Batgirl, from BATGIRL YEAR ONE #1-9 and ROBIN YEAR ONE #1-4. See what happens when Robin dons his costume for the first time, then learn how Barbara Gordon transformed from ordinary citizen to costumed super heroine.<br />In this over sized book, some of the finest makers of comics spin tales about two of Batmans most iconic sidekicks first years as superheroes.<br />In Batgirl, Barbara Gordon learns how to be a superheroine, while also battling against Killermoth and Firefly!<br />In Robin, Dick Grayson recuperates from the deaths of his parents, and with Batman, has to face Two-face and Mad hatter!

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