Batman: Masque

Batman: Masque

Batman: Masque


Alternate name:
Batman: Masque 1997


Mike Grell

DC Comics, Superhero


Placing the Batman into the story of the Phantom Of The Opera, we have Bruce Wayne setting out at night dressed as a Bat to fight crime. One night while he is stopping a mugging, the violence ends up in the theater where a resulting fire burns half of the face of the lead dancer. As the theater decides to continue with a new female lead. The scarred former star takes a liking to the understudy and begins to teach her. Yet as he finds the theater going in a different direction, he becomes more violent to the point where Batman has to step in. The two men have their final confrontation on the night of a big show. Bringing down the chandeleir. This sets the theater on fire yet the two men still fight, until the former dancer meets his end. The understudy who was also being wooed by Bruce Wayne finds him in a subteranian room, underneath his mansion.

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