Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime

Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime

Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime


Alternate name:
Batman Tales: Once Upon A Crime 2020


Derek Fridolfs

Superhero, DC Comics


Gotham City is filled with stories-of heroes and of villains, of police and criminals, of families both lost and found. But the enchanted short stories in Batman Tales are brought to life with a classic fairy-tale twist that will fill you with wonder. Once upon a crime in Gotham...<br />Damian Wayne dreams of becoming a real boy wonder-as long as he can avoid telling lies and making his nose grow.<br />Batmans butler takes an unexpected trip through the looking glass and finds himself in a topsy-turvy world, for Alfreds in Wonderland!<br />Gotham City Police Department detectives interrogate Gothams most dangerous criminals looking for the princess who stole the pea.<br />And Batman meets a snow queen who leads him on a dangerous quest.<br />Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen, the creative team behind Batman: Lil Gotham, return to their Bat-roots-this time with a fairy-tale flair!