Bigg Time

Bigg Time

Bigg Time


Alternate name:
Bigg Time 2002


Ty Templeton

DC Comics, Graphic Novels


After a freak accident allows Lester Biggs to see and interact with his guardian angel, the homeless, aspiring actor learns that all of his misfortunes are the direct result of his bored celestial protectors twisted machinations. Hoping to make amends for ruining his charges life for his own amusement, the mischievous angel grants Lester his greatest desire, to be famous. Now in a humorous and satirical series of events that exposes the absurdity of the entertainment industry, Lester encounters insane talent agents, gorgeous groupies, abducting aliens and a secret society based on hair loss on his road to instant stardom as a movie star, a recording artist, and a TV personality.

Chapter (Issue) List

Bigg Time #TPB 11/08/18