Brother Power the Geek

Brother Power the Geek

Brother Power the Geek



Alternate name:
Brother Power the Geek 1968


Joe Simon

DC Comics, Comedy


This is the first volume.<br />The medium didnt appear to be ready for Brother Power the Geek, envisioned by writer Joe Simon and artist Al Bare. Simons mod re-imagining of Frankensteins monster - a mannequin turned reclusive hero - philosopher - was a trip that lasted only two issues. Bizarrely though, the latter of those issues actually sold better than the first, and the debate as to why Brother Power fizzled out has continued to this day. On the run from a biker gang called the Mongrels, flower children Nick and Paul squatted inside an abandoned tailor shop, where a bolt of lightning struck a dummy dressed in oil-soaked, blood-stained clothes. The dummy sprang to life, and, through extraordinary displays of power, rescued the two hippies from the returning mongrels. Teaching the mannequin how to speak their hip language, Nick and Paul welcomed the Geek as one of their own. With that, Brother Powers journey of self discovery began... and abruptly ended.<br />From the Geeks inception, when he was originally conceived as the Freak internal constituents within DC had feared that Simons rag-tag protagonist endorsed drugs and the hippie counter culture. So before Brother Power could spread his peace-loving word for a third issue, the series was brought to a halt.

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