Chapel (vol2)

Chapel (vol2)

Chapel (vol2)



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Brian Witten, Eric Stephenson

Action, Adventure, Superhero


All his life hes been a soldier fighting someone elses war.  A hateful and unstoppable killing machine, he took life without mercy and without hesitation. Never once did he question the consequences of his actions or the establishment he served. In the eyes of those who controlled him, he was the perfect weapon.<br />And when the time came that he was told to kill his best friend... he did so without a second thought.<br />That decision would affect him the rest of his mortal life.<br />Much later, Chapel would discover the true nature of those he served and would himself be betrayed at their hands. Discarded and distraught, he plunged headlong into the abyss, eventually taking his own life in a bid to obtain spiritual power the likes of which few could truly comprehend.<br />Once obtaining this power, he returned from the abyss with intent to enslave our world.  But he would not go unopposed. He faced the very forces he once served.  After a feirce battle, Chapel lay defeated, powerless and without memory of past events.<br />Now he is left to wonder where to go from here...

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