Contest of Champions II

Contest of Champions II

Contest of Champions II



Alternate name:
Contest of Champions II 1999


Chris Claremont

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe go to war, with each other, in this all-new super slugfest! From deep space comes the Coiterie, a group of intergalactic samaritans who come to Earth seeking its most powerful champion, through all-out combat! But what could possibly make our heroes compete against one another? How about this: the victor receives a miraculous wish of their choice! In other words, the winner could once and for all save mankind! But as Wolverine, Spider-Man, the Thing, Rogue, Thor, Hulk and a legion of heroes are culled from the Avengers, Fantastic Four and the X-Men, the participants begin to wonder: could their alien hosts really have a more sinister agenda?! They better figure it out soon,before they take each other out!<br />Plus: This series will bring two new heroes to the Marvel Universe (hint: check out FANTASTIC FOUR #17 &amp; #18)! These brutal bouts are brought to you by writer Chris Claremont (FANTASTIC FOUR), penciler Oscar Jimenez (WOLVERINE: BLACK RIO) and inker Eduardo Alpuente.