Crime SuspenStories

Crime SuspenStories

Crime SuspenStories



Alternate name:
Crime SuspenStories 1955


Albert Bernard Feldstein, Harvey Kurtzman, Johnny Craig



Murder May Boomerang - (Johnny Craig) a man whose father has worked hard to support him all his life, finally gets some success in life. To pay his father back he takes him on a vacation to a cabin in the woods. During their stay there a convict escapes from the nearby prison while the aged father is alone in the cabin.<br /> <br />In Deaths Double-Cross, a woman loves a mans twin but marries him because he has money. When the twin returns they plot to kill the husband by drowning him in the lake. They see the husband in the doorway and wonder if he heard them plotting but he is friendly. They go into the lake and one man is drowned, but as time goes by, the woman begins to wonder if her lover really survived because he acts more and more like her supposedly dead husband. She begins to have close call accidents and thinks that her husband may have overheard their plotting after all and killed his brother and is now trying to punish her...