Cyclops (2001)

Cyclops (2001)

Cyclops (2001)



Alternate name:
Cyclops (2001) 2001


Brian K. Vaughan

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The X-Mens leader is on his own! The mutant named Scott Summers heads to the Great White North, but what villains wait for him in the snowy lands of Canada? And who is their mysterious benefactor who will stop at nothing to ensure Cyclops demise? The leader of the X-Men has gone solo, but can he survive on his own? Find out in the first issue of this all-new four-part adventure! Writer Brian K. Vaughan (Batman, Swamp Thing) lends his talents to one of Marvels mightiest mutants. And with the art of Mark Texeira (SABRETOOTH), this ones a sureshot! My girlfriend has never read an X-Men comic, but she did see and enjoy the movie, said Vaughan. I want this story to appeal to her, and the millions of other new fans who liked the film or own the DVD, without alienating the die-hard readers who will undoubtedly love Grant Morrisons and Joe Caseys take on Scott. Its a globetrotting adventure that asks, When you take away Cyclops friends, family, and most importantly, his team... whats left? Hopefully, the answer will surprise readers.

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