Dandridge: Return of the Chap

Dandridge: Return of the Chap

Dandridge: Return of the Chap


Alternate name:
Dandridge: Return of the Chap 2015


Alec Worley

Graphic Novels


Following the Victorian Spiritualist movement's ability to capture otherworldly beings such as ghosts, faeries and angels ‘Ecto-technology' is developed and ectoplasm becomes a cheap fuel alternative, bolstering the British Empire. Spartacus Dandridge was a ghostfinder at the turn of the century, hunting down rogue spooks, until he was shot dead and imprisoned. Now a spook himself, its 1981 and hes finally freed from captivity. With an Angel-tailored outfit and his loyal assistant Shelley, Dandridge must contend with all manner of spectral adversaries and dastardly goings-on!<br />Written by Alec Worley (Age of the Wolf, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) featuring art by Warren Pleece (Hellblazer, Incognegro) and Jon Davis-Hunt (Judge Dredd, Transformers) this digital edition collects the adventures of Dandridge, 2000 ADs best-dressed ghostfinder, for the first time.

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