Danger Unlimited

Danger Unlimited

Danger Unlimited



Alternate name:
Danger Unlimited 2009


John Byrne

Action, Adventure, Superhero


In December 1959, the Carson family meets explorer Mike Worley in South America to investigate an ancient spaceship that crashed in the Amazon jungle in the distant past. The ships systems trap the four and expose them to a mysterious substance called Gunk, intended to adapt the ships original crew to the new environment. After brief exposure to the Gunk they escape, but it gives each of them superpowers that they use to fight for good as the original Danger Unlimited. But the story only begins there. Set in the futuristic 2061, flashbacks tell the story of what happened on Earth after the discovery of the Gunk, and how exposure to its powers causes the manifestation of super powers. The new Danger Unlimited super group seeks to uncover the fate of their predecessors while fighting to rid the Earth of the alien invaders that have overrun the planet! Also included in this collection are Babe #1-4 and Babe 2 #1-2, bringing all of John Byrnes Danger Unlimited action together for the first time ever!

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