Defenders (2001)

Defenders (2001)

Defenders (2001)



Alternate name:
Defenders (2001) 2002


Kurt Busiek

Marvel, Superhero


The Hulk! The Sub-Mariner! Silver Surfer! Dr. Strange! Marvels #1 loners unite in this new ongoing series! A monster, an invader, an alien and a master of the dark arts. Theyre four of the worlds most powerful and feared figures?and they like each other about as much as the rest of the Marvel Universe does! What force could make these loose cannons join as a team? Why must they band together in defense of our planet? And how will Nighthawk, Hellcat and the Valkyrie react to their alliance? Co-writer and penciler Erik Larsen isnt spilling any beans: These characters dont really like each other. But Kurt Busiek came up with a neat idea of why they stay together. I wont say what it is... but it works really well. Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Hulk?all these guys have attacked the Earth. And then Dr. Strange is just creepy. When the Avengers show up, everyone says, Oh, good, the Avengers are here. Theyll save us. But the Defenders? When they show, everyone runs for their lives!