Doctor Who: San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Doctor Who: San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Doctor Who: San Diego Comic Con Exclusive



Alternate name:
Doctor Who San Diego 2015 Special: Selfie


Cavan Scott, George Mann

Adventure, Sci-Fi


Welcome to the San Diego Comic Con 2015 Doctor Who Spectacular!<br />Whether this is your first taste of Doctor Who, or youve been a fan forever, this is the exclusive issue for you!<br />Who is the Doctor? Hes an alien – an immortal Time Lord who has worn many faces in his long life. The last of his kind, he wanders time and space in the TARDIS, a time machine whose exterior is stuck in the form of an old British police phone box!<br />The Doctor chooses to share his amazing life with a variety of companions, and sees the wonders of the universe anew through their eyes.<br />The Doctor is currently on his Twelfth incarnation, and its that Doctor Whos coming to Comic Con in an all-new short story! Read on now!<br />Selfie – The Doctor and Clara battle an ancient evil that is manifesting through the phones of fans in Hall H, in an all-new, San Diego-exclusive short story!<br />Creator Interview – Go behind the scenes on the making of the all-new San Diego Comic Con story with writers George Mann and Cavan Scott and artist Rachael Stott!

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