Empire (2000)

Empire (2000)

Empire (2000)



Alternate name:
Empire (2000) 2000


George PĂ©rez, Mark Waid

Action, Adventure, Superhero


YOUVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. For ten years, one man has relentlessly marched a path to world domination, dissolving governments, destroying armies, and demolishing any and all opposition to his Grand Empire--a monarchy which now spans the globe and holds six billion people in its totalitarian grip. His name is Golgoth, and he has achieved his fondest dream...only to realize that its his worst nightmare. For now, in order to maintain his rule, Golgoth must wage constant war against a virtual phalanx of enemies: terrorist freedom fighters, alien invaders...even his own hand-picked Cabinet of Ministers, most of whom scheme constantly to overthrow their emperor. His allies are few; his foes, endless. Winning the crown of Earth is one thing. Holding onto it is another thing entirely. From the creative minds behind the best-selling JLA: YEAR ONE and KINGDOM: PLANET KRYPTON comes EMPIRE, Gorilla Comics first ongoing monthly series. Written by Mark (KINGDOM COME, JLA, CAPTAIN AMERICA) Waid and illustrated by Barry (JLA: YEAR ONE, FLASH AND GREEN LANTERN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD) Kitson, with colors by Chris (PUNISHER) Sotomayor, EMPIRE changes the rules of action-adventure comics ... forever. Plus: An all-new exclusive prologue story to next months Gorilla lauch: Crimson Plague by George (Avengers) Perez.

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