Enders Game: War of Gifts

Enders Game: War of Gifts

Enders Game: War of Gifts


Alternate name:
Enders Game: War of Gifts 2010


Aaron Johnston, Jake Black, Orson Scott Card

Marvel, Graphic Novels


Collects four exciting stories in the Enders Game universe! First up is a tale starring Enders two younger siblings. Valentine learns of an injustice in her school, she wants to fight it. Enter Peter who guides his sister through the process of nonviolent influence, and sets the ball rolling for his plans to one day rule the world. Next, in WAR OF GIFTS, Zeck Morgan causes an uproar when he sees another student celebrating Christmas--seemingly violating Battle Schools rules against religious practice. Then, Mazer Rackham, the only man ever to defeat the Formics, takes on a new enemy... the International Fleet itself! All this and more!<br />Hardcover, 120 pages, full color.

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