Evil Ernie vs. the Superheroes

Evil Ernie vs. the Superheroes

Evil Ernie vs. the Superheroes


Alternate name:
Evil Ernie vs. the Superheroes 1998


Brian Pulido

Horror, Supernatural


Evil Ernie takes a break from his day-to-day war on humanity in favor of slaughtering generic superheroes with ease in the most brutal ways possible. These light hearted and tongue in cheek issues explore what it would be like if Ernie was faced with a foe that had some hope of matching his undead powers.In this issue Ernie throttles American Man with his own intestines, splats the mighty molecule, mashes Spider captain,exterminates the Exterminator, crashes Bat Ranger &Blue Jay and explodes the G-Men. All because his superhero parents abused him for having no powers of his own while superheros ignored the bruises.Or is it all in the mind of a nightmare twisted Dr Price recovering from the loss of his arms to Ernie.