Ex Parte

Ex Parte

Ex Parte



Alternate name:
Ex Parte 2002


Bill Williams

Action, Adventure, Crime, Superhero


Ex Parte (Latin for for one party) is a series of self-contained, single-issue stories about a lawyer who specializes in defending people who live life behind a mask, whether they are hero or villain. A cross between Astro City and Law and Order, Ex Parte focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the case as well as the courtroom intrigue. Most of the stories are told to the series heroine, Janine Porter, through flashback, so the readers can see her clients best and worst sides. They lie, they tell the truth. They are funny and tragic. Her cases are as wild and varied as humanity itself. Some clients are guilty. Some clients are innocent. That is for the court to decide. When Commander Krug invades the surface world, he and his aquatic troops surface in New York City and destroy a skyscraper. Now, he needs legal representation. His plea? It was an act of war! How can Janine Porter defend her unrepentant client when she knows hes guilty? FC, 32pg.

Chapter (Issue) List

Ex Parte #2 01/02/19
Ex Parte #1 01/02/19