Final Night

Final Night

Final Night



Alternate name:
Final Night 1996


Karl Kesel

DC Comics, Drama, Sci-Fi, Superhero


A bizarre alien spacecraft lands in the middle of Metropolis, even eclipsing the sun at one point. An alien female exits the cockpit, and is confronted by Superman, the Legion of Superheroes and the Metropolis Special Crimes unit, who attempt to speak with her, though they cannot understand her language, and the Legions translators arent working.<br />Saturn Girl enteres her mind, and figures out a way to allow her to speak, with the lights off. A huge group of superheroes listens as she tells the tale of a sun eater coming to their planet. They divide into groups, with Mister Miracle leading the charge against the sun eater.<br />Miracle and his team arrive near it and start to attempt to use a Boom tube on it. Meanwhile, Phantom Stranger visits the Spectre in an attempt to gain his help, only to fail. After realizing they couldnt boom tube it anywhere as it is in another dimension, the fire users attempt to create a second sun.<br />That plan works, and the Sun Eater devours it, leaving the fire users burnt out. Still, the Sun Eater then goes for the other sun, and devours it, leaving the entire world in darkness.<br />At the back of the book, there is a Star file.

Chapter (Issue) List

Final Night #_TPB 06/20/19
Final Night #4 11/11/18
Final Night #3 11/11/18
Final Night #2 11/11/18
Final Night #1 11/11/18