Francis, Brother of the Universe

Francis, Brother of the Universe

Francis, Brother of the Universe



Alternate name:
Francis, Brother of the Universe 1980


Mary Jo Duffy

Marvel, Biography, Religious


Francis is born in Assisi, Italy in the year 1181 or 1182, at the end of the Dark Ages. As he grows up he becomes friend to many nobles, even though he is a member of the middle class. A war with the nearby town Perugia sends Francis into battle. He is captured along with many of his noble friends and imprisoned. He offers comfort to his fellow inmates, but is affected by the imprisonment himself. After a year of being a prisoner the ransom is paid and they are freed. However just months later Francis takes ill and is sick for a very long time. Finally Francis, known as King of the Feasts amongst his friends, returns to full health. Francis feels a greater desire to be a noble, and be accepted and he creates bigger and better parties, all the while spending his fathers money...

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