Gen13/Fantastic Four

Gen13/Fantastic Four

Gen13/Fantastic Four


Alternate name:
Gen13/Fantastic Four 2001


Kevin Maguire

Action, Adventure, Superhero


Everyones favorite Teen Team of Gen-Actives meets up with Marvels First Family in this wild and wacky one-shot by fan-favorite Kevin Maguire. Co-published with Marvel Comics.<br />WildStorms next generation of heroes meets Marvel Comics first family in GEN13/FANTASTIC FOUR, a wild and wacky Prestige Format one-shot written and drawn by fan-favorite Kevin Maguire (X-Men Forever) with inks by Karl Story (BATMAN).<br />Set during Gen 13s time in New York City, the teen heroes cross paths with the Fantastic Four — though not on the friendliest of terms. Roxys pet, the lovable, interdimensional furball known as Qeelocke, has grown one hell of a mean streak, heading into the streets on a monstrous rampage. The Human Torch is able to subdue him (with a little help from a certain web-slinger), and takes him into custody at FF headquarters. When Roxy comes looking for her little friend, a smitten Johnny Storm is all too happy to help. This one small act of friendship brings the two teams together, setting the stage for a confrontation that no fan should dare miss!

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