Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men

Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men

Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men



Alternate name:
Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men 1985



Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The X-Men face an entity that feeds on psychic misery in this jam book originally published to benefit famine relief in Africa.<br />Story by Chris Claremont, Ann Nocenti, Bernie Wrightson, Jim Starlin &amp; Jim Shooter.<br />Script by Stan Lee (4 pages), Ed Bryant (3 pages), Louise Simonson (3 pages), Stephen King (3 pages), Bill Mantlo (2 pages), Alan Moore (3 pages), Ann Nocenti (3 pages), Harlan Ellison (3 pages), Chris Claremont (2 pages), Jo Duffy (2 pages), Mike Baron (2 pages), Denny ONeil (2 pages), George Martin (3 pages), Bruce Jones (2 pages), Steve Englehart (2 pages), Jim Shooter (2 pages), Mike Grell (3 pages) &amp; Archie Goodwin (4 pages). Art by John Romita, Jr. &amp; Al Gordon (2 pages), John Buscema &amp; Klaus Janson (2 pages), Brent Anderson &amp; Joe Sinnott (1 page), John Byrne &amp; Terry Austin (3 pages), Brent Anderson &amp; Dan Green (1 page), Bernie Wrightson &amp; Jeff Jones (3 pages), Charles Vess &amp; Jay Muth (2 pages), Brent Anderson &amp; Tom Palmer (1 page), Richard Corben (3 pages), Mike Kaluta &amp; Al Milgrom (3 pages), Frank Miller &amp; Bill Sienkiewicz (3 pages), Brian Bolland &amp; Craig Russell (2 pages), John Bolton (2 pages), Steve Rude &amp; Carl Potts (2 pages), Bret Blevins &amp; Al Williamson (2 pages), Herb Trimpe &amp; Sal Buscema (3 pages), Gray Morrow (2 pages), Paul Gulacy &amp; Bob Layton (2 pages), Alan Weiss &amp; Joe Rubinstein (2 pages), Jackson Guice &amp; Steve Leialoha (3 pages), Howard Chaykin &amp; Walt Simonson (4 pages).

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