Hopeless Savages

Hopeless Savages

Hopeless Savages



Alternate name:
Hopeless Savages 2001


Jen Van Meter

Action, Adventure, Comedy


There are few people in our lives who have as much influence on us as our mother and father, brothers and sisters. Family ties are the earliest ties that bind, setting the tone for the paths we will take in our future. So what if your father is Dirk Hopeless and your mother Nikki Savage, a superstar couple from the days of punk rock? When youre born a rebel, what can you possibly do to make yourself stand apart? For Rat Hopeless-Savage, the answer is to leave home and start a new life somewhere, become a normal citizen with a nine-to-five job. Its going pretty well, too, until Dirk and Nikki are kidnapped, and suddenly the family Rat tried so hard to deny needs him more than ever. His siblings sisters Arsenal and Zero, and brother Twitch know the Rat of old is the only one who can find their parents, and theyre determined to make him trade his white-washed existence for the leather jacket and spiked hair of his youth. What follows is a madcap race against the clock, and a hilarious look at what happens when alternative lifestyles become the norm.

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