Incognegro: Renaissance

Incognegro: Renaissance

Incognegro: Renaissance



Alternate name:
Incognegro: Renaissance 2018


Mat Johnson

Crime, Literature


After a black writer is found dead at a scandalous interracial party in 1920s New York, Harlems cub reporter Zane Pinchback is the only one determined to solve the murder. Zane must go incognegro for the first time--using his light appearance to pass as a white man--to find the true killer, in this prequel miniseries to the critically acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel, now available in a special new 10th Anniversary Edition. With a cryptic manuscript as his only clue, and a mysterious and beautiful woman as the murders only witness, Zane finds himself on the hunt through the dark and dangerous streets of roaring twenties Harlem in search for justice. A page-turning thriller of racial divide, Incognegro: Renaissance explores segregation, secrets, and self-image as our race-bending protagonist penetrates a world where he feels stranger than ever before. * Mature readers.    A talented writer of both fiction and creative non-fiction, Johnsons publications have established himself as an important new voice in the African-American tradition.-- Walter Mosley.