Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


Alternate name:
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1991


Bill Messner-Loebs

Action, Adventure


There isnt a man, woman, or child walking this earth who hasnt heard of Indiana Jones, the greatest adventurer of all time. Dark Horse Comics has assembled a top-notch team of talent to custom-fit this enigmatic character into an all-new, four-issue comic book series thats as chock-full of characterization as it is excitement! It all begins when a mysterious stranger shows up as Barnett College with a n ancient key, and Dr. Jones puts down his grade book to go in search of his former archaeological colleague, Sophia Hapgood. Now a trendy psychic, Madame Sophia is doing very well for herself by fleecing people out of their hard-earned money. Toss in a tiny minotaur-like statuette, sprinkle in a few overzealous Nazis, and cue the music! This series is brought to life by the excellent writing skills of William Messner-Loebs (Jonny Quest, Epicurus the Sage), with veteran storyteller Dan (Flash Gordon) Barry providing the pencil art, and one of todays top inkers Karl (Worlds Finest) Kesel providing finishes.