Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006

Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006

Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006



Alternate name:
Infinite Crisis Secret Files


Marv Wolfman

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


In a hidden cave a meditating Alex Luthor begins to realize his powers are beginning to return, while elsewhere in the paradise dimension Kal-L has recreated the Daily Star building in the hopes that work will help his ailing wifes health. He then leaves to talk to the homesick Superboy Prime promising he will help him learn to adjust to living in the dimension as soon as Lois recovers, while shortly after Alex finds Superboy watching memories of his birthday, gaining his krytonian powers and finally the destruction of his Earth. Alex then tells Superboy that the portal he viewed during the crisis wasnt hell but in fact Apokolips,letting him know if he had brought them there they could have went to New Earth. While in the potential a loop constantly plays of Earth Primes destruction to Superboy, as Alex switches to the present day DCU to view why they sacrificed their life.He then pushes Superboy far enough to the point were he punches the wall of their dimension changing reality itself...

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