Introducing The Tick

Introducing The Tick

Introducing The Tick


Alternate name:
Introducing The Tick 2002


Marc Silvia



The Tick is the guest of honor on The Citys new hit for the new TV season, Is THIS Your Life?! While a parade of special guest-stars and dramatic reenactments of dramatic stuff delights the audience and guests, something is seriously amiss at the television studio. And we dont just mean a miss, like that klieg light that just a-missed The Ticks head! And who exactly is that massively-muscled guy lurking in the shadows?! A great story for new and long-time Tick fans alike, the origins and history of The Tick, are explored, including more previously untold facts about The Ticks early days. Its a special one-shot issue of The Tick that, along with an exciting new story, provides an excellent introduction to The Tick for the legions of new fans who will pour into comic stores after watching the new Fox TV live-action Tick series premieres!

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