Iron Man/Captain America 98

Iron Man/Captain America 98

Iron Man/Captain America 98


Alternate name:
Iron Man/Captain America 98 1998


Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Roger Stern

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


When M.O.D.O.K. returns, Iron Man and Captain America assemble to take down the big-headed villain. Plus, Iron Man reveals a big secret to those closest to him.<br />Near an island, Iron Man and Captain America emerge from under the sea within a forcefield. Immediately, they find themselves in a battle zone. A.I.M. personnel appear on skycycles, shooting them from every side. Automated guns appear upon the field, aiming their lasers. Iron Man takes care of the aerial unit, firing his repulsors to scatter the A.I.M. off. Captain America is hard pressed fighting the automated guns. Eventually, he turns the weapons upon themselves. He grabs a skycycle and accompanied by Iron Man, leaves the place.<br />Iron Man recounts how this all started. Sometime back, Captain America had stumbled upon a hidden A.I.M. base. He was more surprised to find Mentallo, a telepath in alliance with them. Mentallo said that his mind was connected to a telepathic amplifier, and soon demonstrated its performance. He amplified his powers many times, so that he could access the mind of every person on the planet, except of course Tony Stark's. Tony's wrist watch protected him from the mind suction, but it also transported his mind into the telepathic maelstrom. Soon, he had a showdown with Mentallo in the telepathic plane. He revealed himself to be Iron Man, but his telepathic repulsors hurt Mentallo, thus lobotomizing him in the real world. But Iron Man was not done yet. The limited time he had access to the telepathic plane, he removed the fact that “Tony Stark is Iron Man” from the memories of all the people of the world...

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