JLA: Gatekeeper

JLA: Gatekeeper

JLA: Gatekeeper



Alternate name:
JLA: Gatekeeper 2001


Timothy Truman

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


JLA Gatekeeper is a 3 book series pitting the Worlds Greatest Super Heroes against a force of evil that has loomed from Sumerian times. This evil has the goal of a demonic invasion of Earth. The JLA with the help of Dr. Fate will have to travel though a one way portal into a prehistoric, demon infested world in order to rescue a heroine (and friend of Kyle Rayner) who had been abandoned in this Hell. The JLA battles monsters and forgotten gods and these demons reveal themselves as ghosts who in the past have attacked Atlantis, tormened the gods of Olympus and besieged a young Krypton. In the final book the team scours this Babylonian underworld in order to find five mystical artifacts in order to prevent a demonic invasion of Earth as well as finding a way back home. Dr. Fate (Hector Hall) appears in 2 books opening the portal and maining the gates from Earth.

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