Joe the Barbarian

Joe the Barbarian

Joe the Barbarian



Alternate name:
Joe the Barbarian 2011


Grant Morrison

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Superhero


Having an overactive imagination can get a kid through a lot, but it doesnt change the facts: Joes still the kid in school that cant fit in. Hes the victim of bullies. His dad died overseas in the Iraq war. And then theres the Type 1 diabetes he has to live with. So is it insulin-deprived delirium or something much, much bigger that transports Joe to a land inhabited by all his toys – from ninja commandos to action robots to magical knights to star fleet captains? Is Joe really the savior of this wild fantasyland thats been held under siege by dark magic and evil forces? With the help of a samurai rodent, is he ready to take back besieged castles and win the freedom of an oppressed people? Or is he just an over imaginative boy who could die if he doesnt take his meds?